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IT networks are an important asset for your business and your technology cables are a crucial piece of this infrastructure. So it should come as no surprise that poorly installed and mismanaged cables leads to erratic performance and network downtime, which in turn lead to work stoppages, lower productivity, and frustrated employees.

Your Dallas business doesn’t have to deal with these scenarios if you choose to partner with JabberComm for your structured cabling needs.

Our team of cabling experts have years of experience in designing and implementing various kinds of workplace cabling solutions. From fiber optic cable installation to cable management and rack cleanups, you can count on JabberComm to get the best out of your cables, boosting your network uptime and technology performance.


Providing Dallas businesses with innovative cabling solutions for more than 20 years

From our founding in 1999, JabberComm has been helping Dallas businesses grow by providing innovative cabling and phone systems that make their data and communication networks agile and efficient. With our nationwide reach, we can support their growth wherever their business goes. These continually evolving technologies demand telecom professionals who never stop learning.

Fiber Optic Installation

Whether it is upgrading your existing legacy data cables or designing new fiber optic cabling networks from scratch, our team will get the job done seamlessly

Cable Testing

We’ll find any faulty cables in your infrastructure through our extensive testing procedures and fix them for you before they cause recurring issues

Rack Cleanup Service

Tangled and dirty cables are prone to overheating and early degradation, which is why we’ll organize and clean up your cable racks to extend the life span of your existing cables

Data Cabling

Improve your network performance with professionally installed data cables

Cable wires

You can count on us for your all IT Communications needs in Dallas

IT Field Services

On-demand telecom expertise for a more efficient and profitable business

Security Camera Systems

Cutting-edge CCTV solutions, professional installation, and maintenance service

Telecommunications Equipment

Complete hardware installations to streamline your business communications


Upgrade to fiber optic cables to enjoy increased bandwidth, faster internet speeds, and less downtime

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*HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)

*Building Industry Consulting Service International
(BICSI) Certified

*Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

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Rick and his team are very helpful, professional and very reliable. In the construction industry, it’s important to have people you can rely on. JabberComm are those people.

Boxx Modular

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rick through my company. He is very timely and always goes out of the way to ensure we are satisfied [with] all aspects of a project. I can’t recommend JabberComm enough!

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Frequently asked questions

Low voltage systems or structured cabling serves as the pathway for information to travel, regardless of its size or purpose, in commercial or residential applications. To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, structured cabling systems are constructed based on the telecommunications code standards, which dictate the arrangement of cables in various topologies. These standards consider several elements, such as cable types, distance constraints, flammability ratings, and bend radii.

Low voltage systems play a critical role in keeping you connected, which is why it matters. It supports a broad range of technologies, including Wi-Fi, VoIP, DAS, security cameras, audio visual systems, and IoT sensors. As the list of supported technologies continues to expand, adhering to structured cabling standards becomes more crucial. These standards ensure that the different technologies integrated into the system function as intended, delivering optimal performance and minimizing the risk of downtime.

A properly designed and installed structured cabling system should cater to your current needs while also accommodating your future requirements. The design of the main distribution frames (MDF) and intermediate distribution frames (IDF) should be well considered, and the cables should be neatly arranged. The system should also have additional cable runs to support wireless connectivity and ample bandwidth in the backbone to handle a surge in bandwidth demands. In the last two decades, there has been a consistent increase in bandwidth usage, with each year surpassing the previous year, and this trend is unlikely to slow down.

Yes, we do. We need to carry out tests on all the installed cables in a particular location to ensure that the installation meets industry standards and the terminations are correctly done. To conduct these tests, installers typically use handheld testers that are plugged into the network and evaluate factors such as wire map, distance, cross-talk, and ACR (signal-to-noise ratio). The test results are then recorded in a file and presented to the owner upon completion of the project. These results serve as proof that the system installation is up to industry standards and that the terminations were performed accurately.

The decision whether or not to add additional cabling to a low voltage system is a heavily debated topic. The reality is that the cost of cable is relatively low compared to the overall telecommunications system and the building it serves. The benefits of increased functionality and bandwidth from adding another data cable can be significant and, in some cases, priceless. On the other hand, retrofitting additional cabling can be both costly and challenging, particularly after the drywall has been installed. This is why careful consideration should be given to cabling requirements during the initial installation to avoid unnecessary expenses and complications later on.

The number of cable drops per workstation will depend on your requirements and equipment, so it’s best to consult with us first so that we can properly advise you on the number of cables you should install.

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