Fiber Optic Cabling

JabberComm fiber technicians have been trained and certified by TFS – The Fiber School


Make the upgrade to fiber optic cables and your business will enjoy the benefits of increased bandwidth, faster internet speeds, and less downtime. JabberComm’s fiber optic specialists will set up your new network quickly and unobtrusively. You’ll get a customized installation plan that saves on costs, and maps your network according to your needs.

Once you have high performance internet wherever and whenever it is needed, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it. Let JabberComm help you transition to a fiber optic network and you’ll see how a more efficient internet connection increases productivity and reduces employee frustration.

JabberComm ‘s hassle-free fiber optic cable installation is a quick and cost-effective way to boost productivity

The benefits of choosing JabberComm for fiber optic cabling include:

  • Certified network technicians
  • Detailed installation plan
  • Custom design and installation of fiber optic infrastructure


Fiber optic cable is a type of internet cable that is made up of small glass or plastic threads (fibers). These cables are used to transmit data from one point to another. Fiber optic cabling is an upgrade on standard cables because more data can pass through these cables. There are various versions of fiber as well, including Multi-Mode (OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4) and Single-Mode cables.

Yes. Fiber optic cable installation requires specialized training to terminate and test cables because highly specialized equipment is required to work on the glass fiber and other strands in the cables. Fiber optic technicians use a device known as an optical time-domain reflectometer (ODTR) tester (or Power Meter tester) to perform basic inspection, cleaning, troubleshooting, and verification of the fiber optic cabling.

Fiber optic cable can maintain signals over long distances while carrying a large amount of data with very little loss. Fiber optic cabling provides the greatest data transmission capability of any medium. Optical fiber has a number of advantages over copper cabling: higher bandwidth, higher speeds, longer length limitations, security, stability, little or no maintenance costs, and now, the installation costs are decreasing.

Fiber optic cable installation connects network closets together over longer distances than most alternatives. Fiber optic cables are less corrosive and virtually free from interference when compared to copper cables. If you have the option to install fiber over copper, choose fiber for better performance and stability.

Fiber optic cable installation should only be done by professionals or those who are familiar with installing various types of cables. JabberComm designs, installs, tests, and maintains fiber optic cabling, including fusion splicing & termination of multi-mode or single-mode fiber cables, which includes both internal and external work and repair.

Fiber optic works best between buildings and is your gigabit backbone for taking your business into the future

JabberComm’s expert technicians will take care of every aspect of fiber optic cabling. We are experienced in all installation methods, including aerial building, building installs, and underground trench installs.

JabberComm has been a fixture in the DFW area, conveniently located in Plano, TX. While fiber optic cable is relatively new as a connection standard, we have been offering fiber optic cable installation services for over 20 Years.